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Animals Palm Leaf Art 

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Product Description

This palm pattachitra - orissa folk art painting on palm leaf depicting different wild animals with their cubs in their natural habitat and the elements of nature.  This painting is a visual treat as it employs natural colors and palm leaves as it's canvas to paint on.  The richly made floral and geometric border adds further charm to the beautiful piece of art.  The detailed work done in the painting provides an elegance to any wall. Created using an age-old heritage art of etching on palm leaves.  Using a needle the animal motifs and other designs are etched on dried strips of palm leaves design is etched by the artisan on strips of dried palm leaves. Black color made by lamp soot is then spread over the etched palm leaves. The color is retained by etched grooves and is wiped clean from the rest of the painting.  The paintings depict religious and mythological stories from the ramayana mahabharata krishna lila incarnations of lord vishnu and most popularly depiction of lord jagannath or just about from birds or animals. Palm leaf paintings are evolving a higher quality of craftsmanship and aesthetic.  From an ancient method of documentation the talapatrachitra (talapalm patraleaf chitraillustration) has become a treasured art thriving under the growing skills of the master craftsmen of orissa.

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