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Beautiful Hand Painted And Framed Colorful Fishes In The River

  • _beautiful_hand_painted_and_framed_colorful_fishes_in_the_river__main _beautiful_hand_painted_and_framed_colorful_fishes_in_the_river__main
  • _beautiful_hand_painted_and_framed_colorful_fishes_in_the_river__thumb _beautiful_hand_painted_and_framed_colorful_fishes_in_the_river__thumb

Product Description

Handikart is presenting the beautiful collection of madhubani forest of honey which are loved by art lovers the most into different patterns. Madhubani paintings are also known methyl paintings is done with fingers nib pens wings and match sticks. The eye catching paintings are for every occasion and festivals. Madhubani depict men with men and its association with nature and scenes & deity from ancient epics. These eye catching and vibrant painting have a district style and that captures the viewers attention with their geometrical patterns and colors. The paintings themselves displayed greater sophistry and less intricacy in patterns but display greater emphasis on volume and depth.

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