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Crystal Glass Ducks

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Product Description

Ducks a favorite symbol for the energy of love and lifelong devotion in relationships and marriages. They represent marital fidelity and a union that is happy and blissful. Place them in the living room or bedroom to attract good relationship and good fortune luck. The duck bears a multitude of symbolic meaning grace love beauty purity elegance transformation peace tranquility calmness and balance.Duck feature strongly in many cultures across the world. In greek tradition the swan has erotic connotations - zeus disguised as a swan to seduce leda queen of sparta. Aphrodite the goddess of love had a chariot drawn by swans. In celtic tradition the swan is associated with deities of healing waters and the sun and had mastered the elements of water earth and air. They were also shape-shifters that can take human form. In hindu tradition swans are revered because they represent the perfect union and the spirit of brahma. Handikart is presenting a new range and beautifully carved and shaped crystal showpieces of duck specially for you

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