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Dashavtar Palm Pattachitra 

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Product Description

This painting depict 108 ganesha in ganesha made up on delicate palmleaf paintings are made by fine line drawings etched with a steel stylus on rectangular strips of palm leaves that are delicatel y strung together. A very unique blend of art in the form of ganesha painting is made up on palm leaf by engraving which is one of the ancient traditional art of orissa. Palmleaves orissa villages are the centres of the famous pattachitra paintings and in one such village raghurajpur in puri district of orissa creativity flows on any available surface from cloth and paper to walls terracotta and dried palm leaves.   In the zigzag folds of crisp yellow-green leaves delicately strung together with thread are needle-sharp fine drawings carefully etched and cut out telling stories from great mythological epics. Known as talapatrachitras (talapalm patraleaf chitraillustration) these palm leaf paintings hold a world of tales and secrets beautifully depicted by the artists of orissa. The great epics ramayana and mahabharata are favourite subjects of illustration in many art forms as they are with palm leaf paintings. Stories of gods and goddesses are also depicted with minute details of ornaments hairstyles animals flowers trees and elements of nature

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