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Hand Painted Beautifully Carved Patterned With Different Shades Color Terracotta Flower Vase

  • handpainted_beautifully_carved_patteren_with_diffrent_shades_color_teracotta_flower_vase__main handpainted_beautifully_carved_patteren_with_diffrent_shades_color_teracotta_flower_vase__main
  • handpainted_beautifully_carved_patteren_with_diffrent_shades_color_teracotta_flower_vase__thumb handpainted_beautifully_carved_patteren_with_diffrent_shades_color_teracotta_flower_vase__thumb

Product Description

Handikart presenting a new range of beautifully carved and shaped flower vases with antique design especially for you the beauty of your house is linked with you. If you are creative then you can decorate your house. Vases are classic accessory which comes in all colors and designs. If the wall of your room is of light color what could be better than flower vase for room decoration which serves beauty with fragrance.

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