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Handmade And Framed Pitta Chitra Art Ganesh

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Product Description

Shree ganesh is the god of good luck and auspiciousness and is the dispeller of problems and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of wisdom,wealth,health,celibacy,fertility and happiness. In this blue painting the painter has depicted the tree symbolizing life in a most apt manner. Tusal silk is used to give the painting an appealing look. The leaves of the tree are most symmetrical and the overall painting is a real treat for eyes. Pattachitra has evolved from the sanskrit words patta meaning canvas and chitra meaning picture. Patachitra is a painting on canvas and is manifested by rich colorful application creative motifs and designs and portrayal of simple themes mostly mythological in character. Handikart is presenting the beautiful collection of such paintings to bring back the lost charm of the treasure of indian art .

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