Exquisite Longpi Black Beer Mug

Exquisite Longpi Black Beer Mug

Exquisite Longpi Black Beer Mug

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Rs. 1,180.00

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The beer mug has a black body with cane-twirled holder. This handmade mug looks gives the feel of a royal accessory. This Longpi black beer mug is crafted with fine 100 % natutal and eco friendly earthenware clay. Dispense your favourite beer into this matchless, handmade mug and enjoy at your free time.


Longpi Pottery is the age-old pottery technique from the Neolithic period. It derives its name from the Longpi village of Manipur where it originated. A unique feature of this pottery is that it is crafted without the use of a potter?s wheel using clay and black rock as the two main ingredients. The making of these pots requires immense skill and attention which is why it is considered a laborious pottery technique. Even though the are made from clay, the baking process gives them a classy metallic-like finish. The mixture of clay and stone is rolled into coils and molded into a cylinder that is placed on a circular board on which the potter moves the clay by hand to give it the desired shape. This is a rare art form that deserves recognition for its beauty.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Exquisite Artwork
  • Unique Design
  • Metallic Appearance
  • Handcrafted
  • High Quality

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