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In this palm pattachitra painting dashavatar- the ten incarnations of vishnu are aesthetically drawn using fine lines and etched on palm leaf. ?Kalia demon?has been drawn at the centre of this painting where?lord krishna kills?kalia?in the waters of river yamuna. ?The richly made floral design in between the avatars adds further charm to this beautiful piece. ?The painting has been made in true orissa style of traditional palm leaf paintings. One can see the minute details in it. Truly a masterpiece ?in the zigzag folds of crisp palm leaves delicately strung together with thread are needle-sharp fine drawings carefully etched and cut out?telling stories from great mythological epics. ?Known as?talapatrachitras (talapalm patraleaf chitraillustration) these palm leaf paintings hold a world of tales and secrets beautifully depicted by the artists of orissa. ?

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