Hand Painted And Framed Madhubani Elephants In The Forest

Hand Painted And Framed Madhubani Elephants In The Forest

Hand Painted And Framed Madhubani Elephants In The Forest

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Rs. 1,040.00

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Luckily when it comes to the?feng shui energy?and zymology of the elephant few people can object to its beauty,silent,power,kindness and majesty. Protection,goodluck,wisdom and fertility?are the main feng shut energies brought by the symbol of elephant into any space be it home or?office. ?Madhubani paintings are also known methyl paintings is done with fingers nib pens wings and match sticks. The eye catching paintings are for every occasion and festivals. Madhubani depict men with men and its association with nature and scenes & deity from ancient epics. Handikart is presenting the beautiful collection of madhubani forest of honey which are loved by art lovers the most into different patterns.


Madhubani art (also called Mithila Painting) is a popular style of painting that is practiced in the Mithila region of India & Nepal. It is named after the Madhubani district of Bihar where it originated. It was traditionally created by the women of Mithila using various tools and techniques and vibrant colors. The designs for this painting are inspired by nature scenes and deities from ancient mythology. The unique practice in this art is that no space on the canvas is left empty. All gaps are filled with paintings of flowers, birds, animals, and geometric patterns. Now, Madhubani art has become a recognized art form at the global level.


  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Elaborate Patterns
  • Distinctive Style
  • Decorative
  • Popular Art of India

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