Spherical Shaped Floral Patterned Incense/Candle Holder

Spherical Shaped Floral Patterned Incense/Candle Holder

Spherical Shaped Floral Patterned Incense/Candle Holder

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Rs. 1,520.00

  • Product Placement : Living area
  • Product Type : Candle/Incense Holder
  • Product Weight : 1 KG


The spherical structure of this incense stick is enhanced with a trellis cut design across its surface which helps filter the fragrance of the incense stick evenly, filling the surroundings with a soothing aroma. It can also be used as a paper weight and you can also gift it to your close ones.


Gorara is a type of Indian Soapstone that is abundantly used for making artifacts by artisans. Gorara stone is easy to carve, durable, and is popular for its heat-resistant properties. Therefore, it is also used as cooking and heating equipment. The articles made out of this stone are different from other stoneworks because gorara stone is softer in comparison to marble and other stones. This artform is primarily practiced in Varanasi using stones that are brought from Hamirpur (in Himachal Pradesh) and Mahoba (in Uttar Pradesh) areas. One of the distinctive properties of Gorara stone is its unpredictable color spectrum which may vary from beautiful shades of gray to bright pink. As the stone is very soft, only small sizes are available for carving. This also limits the sizes of the final products carved out of the stone. The fragile jali work in these artifacts is inspired by the decorations from the palaces in Rajasthan.


  • Intricate carvings
  • Soft to touch
  • Exquisite Jali Work
  • Natural Colors
  • Heat resistant
  • Fragile (handle with care).

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