Small Buddha Head Aroma Oil Diffuser

The item being handmade the fine design, pattern and color tone of the product may vary slightly from that shown in the image. However, there would not be any compromise in quality.
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Crafted of ceramic glazed vermilion finish features a coral cut-out design safe for indoor use. Well after a hectic and stressful day you want to come home to place that will allow you to unwind and relax and not a place that will add to your stress. The good news is that you dont have to go to the spa to enjoy a relaxing environment because you can create an equally tranquil and relaxing atmosphere right in your own home by adding decorative oil diffuser at your home. For better fragrance dont mix oil with water. Keep away the surface of ceramic burner as it becomes heated. Ready to use product.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Product Weight 0.75
Dimension (L : 4 x W : 5.5 x H : 7) in inch
Product Type Aroma Oil Burner
Placement Bed Room Area